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Mounting Evidence

Saratoga Blinders

Alternative Gaming States: Value vs. Saturation

Speed, Stamina, and Genomic Research

Bruce Lowe's Figure System

Nicking Distributions and Comparative Usefulness

Stallion Infertility

Cost-Effective Research

The ATR Durability Index

Kentucky Icons Blow Cover

Racing Credentials vs. Family Ties in Stallion Prospects

A Nack for the Truth

Nicks: The Final Nail

Today's Commercial Environment: A Troubling Influence

The Language of Numbers

Conformation vs. Catalog 

Cost-Cutting for Commercial Breeders

Understanding 'Value' in Stud Fees 

Breeding to Race: The Ten Most Common Mistakes 

Unheralded Influences in American Pedigrees 

Evaluating Soundness in a Sire's Progeny:  Use of the AEI/SI Comparison

Under-Valued Sales Sires 

The Power Of One: Our Emblem and Giant's Causeway 

Joseph A. Estes 

The American Yearling Market: Irrational Psychology 

Acquiring Bloodstock in the Auction Environment 

The Six Generation Stallion: The Fallacy of the Pedigree Pundits 

Bloodstock Pitfalls: The Stallion Manager 

Stamina and the Maternal Influence 

The Myth of the Female Family 

Stallions Entering Stud Between 1994 and 1997:  Where Are They Now? 

Friends Lake:  Taking Outrageous to New Levels 


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