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Thoroughbred Review developed "Sire Watch" to encourage critical analysis of the American stallion market.

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Sire Power in the Performance vs. Pedigree Debate

Back in 2003, we did a landmark study that examined the long-term success of two groups of broodmare prospects: Those with strong racing credentials but lackluster female families, and those with strong female families but were unplaced at the track. The idea was to isolate the two variables from each other and tabulate production over the long term. The...
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The ATR Durability Index

In an effort to help our clients and readers better assess a sire's ability to get sound and durable offspring, we've devised the ATR Durability Index, an objective system for evaluating the longevity of a stallion's foals as a function of multiple variables. In recent years, The Jockey Club and various trade publications have published sire lists based on...
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Pinhooking and the Pursuit of Profit

The essential elements for a successful yearling to two year old pinhook are fairly obvious: a fast work, solid conformation, and a clean bill of health. These variables are far from being a secret and generally aren't subject to fluctuation. They are the cornerstones for a profitable pinhooking venture. But research indicates there is a set of contributing variables...
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The Myth of the Female Family

(This article originally appeared in the October 23, 2003 issue of The Blood-Horse) The late Joe Estes argued incessantly through out his writing career that a mare's race record was the single most important predictor of future success as a broodmare. In the 1999 compilation of his writings and speeches “The Estes Formula for Breeding Stakes Winners”, Estes writes...
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Nicks: The Final Nail

Over the last decade, nicking gurus have done a fabulous job of purveying their trumped up science to the masses. Nick ratings for hypothetical foals are available on an increasing number of farm websites and sellers in private transactions frequently brag about the nick rating of the horse they're attempting to sell. In previous pieces, we've itemized the numerous...
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Nicking Distributions and Comparative Usefulness

True Nicks edges E-Nicks in Keeneland September analysis. Most descriptive statistics aimed at categorizing a population will form a bell-shaped curve of distribution, meaning most values gravitate towards the center (or average), while fringe values that deviate from the average will migrate in both directions from the more populous center. Seldom are there perfectly bell-shaped distributions, but equally seldom...
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The Language of Numbers

(From the March 3, 2007 issue of Thoroughbred Times) 1998 Horse of the Year Skip Away who earned $9,616,360 and helps his sire, Skip Trial, post an average earnings per starter of $90,407. Like most disciplines, the science of breeding thoroughbred racehorses has its own language of descriptive statistics aimed at analyzing and predicting performance and subsequent value. Though...
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