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Pinhooking and the Pursuit of Profit

The essential elements for a successful yearling to two year old pinhook are fairly obvious: a fast work, solid conformation, and a clean bill of health. These variables are far from being a secret and generally aren’t subject to fluctuation. They... (more...)

Sire Power in the Performance vs. Pedigree Debate

Back in 2003, we did a landmark study that examined the long-term success of two groups of broodmare prospects: Those with strong racing credentials but lackluster female families, and those with strong female families but were unplaced at the track.... (more...)

The Language of Numbers

(From the March 3, 2007 issue of Thoroughbred Times) Like most disciplines, the science of breeding thoroughbred racehorses has its own language of descriptive statistics aimed at analyzing and predicting performance and subsequent value. Though a full... (more...)

Nicking Distributions and Comparative Usefulness

True Nicks edges E-Nicks in Keeneland September analysis. Most descriptive statistics aimed at categorizing a population will form a bell-shaped curve of distribution, meaning most values gravitate towards the center (or average), while fringe values... (more...)

Nicks: The Final Nail

Over the last decade, nicking gurus have done a fabulous job of purveying their trumped up science to the masses. Nick ratings for hypothetical foals are available on an increasing number of farm websites and sellers in private transactions frequently... (more...)

The Myth of the Female Family

This article originally appeared in the October 23, 2003 issue of The Blood-Horse) The late Joe Estes argued incessantly through out his writing career that a mare’s race record was the single most important predictor of future success as a broodmare.... (more...)

Evaluating Soundness in a Sire’s Progeny: Use of the AEI/SI Comparison

Few issues wreak more havoc on an owner’s bottom line than the soundness of his horses. The slightest of injuries can add thousands of lay-up dollars to an owners bill, and more serious injuries that end a horse’s career can be catastrophic... (more...)

Stallions Entering Stud Between 1994 and 1997: Where Are They Now?

Intuitively, most breeders know that the odds are stacked against a stallion ever becoming a long term success. If asked, most of us can rattle of a long list of failures that were quickly exported from central Kentucky, usually landing in regional... (more...)

Bruce Lowe’s Figure System

Classification systems are not synonymous with substantiated theory. Theory and class are meant to be exclusive of one another with classification systems acting as a mechanism by which information can be organized during theory development. To... (more...)

Mounting Evidence

Hunter and University of Louisville studies substantiate 2003 ATR project. Findings point to the importance of racing class in broodmare prospects. Just over a decade ago, virtually all breeding theories were just that, theories. Little if any... (more...)

Joseph A. Estes

Much of what we do here at The American Thoroughbred Review is based on a common sense approach, utilizing raw numbers in statistically valid methods that illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of modern breeding theories. Long reaching inferences... (more...)

Racing Credentials vs. Family: Ties in Stallion Prospects

Originally appeared in the June 7, 2008 of Thoroughbred Times by Jason Hall Aside from mare selection, no other decision impacts a breeder’s chances for long term success than choosing the right stallion. Even in scenarios where breeders make... (more...)

Stamina and the Maternal Influence

Is Stamina Crucial to Future Success? As long as there is horse racing, the debate will go on: What traits are most important in successful broodmares? There are those who are adamant about a mare’s female family, refusing to consider those... (more...)

Speed, Stamina, and Genomic Research

The following was written and sent to us by Joseph Appelbaum, a successful NY-based pinhooker and bloodstock consultant. It seems clear that the next frontier in thoroughbred breeding will be based on genomic research. However, I don¹t think this... (more...)

A Nack for the Truth

Since the tragic death of Eight Belles, the industry response has bordered on mind-boggling. Rather than opening ourselves up to intellectual honesty and self-examination, most have bared their teeth and defended an industry that screams for reform... (more...)

Understanding ‘Value’ in Stud Fees

Language concerning the concept of value is used freely and loosely throughout our society. Usually, such language is, at best, ambiguous, and rarely does it delve into the specifics of what defines ‘value’. From automobiles to mutual... (more...)

Breeding to Race: The Ten Most Common Mistakes

The science of breeding racehorses is full of pitfalls, and few will argue that even the most astute breeders have difficulty avoiding them. Those who have succeeded are able to identify these pitfalls as they relate to their particular program... (more...)

Unheralded Influences in American Pedigrees

Northern Dancer, Mr. Prospector, and Nasrullah. Three of the most recognized and sought after influences in the history of the American bloodstock market. Revered for generations, these three stallions represent the upper echelon of genetic material... (more...)

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